Glocher Affiliate Program

Glocher app is a new marketing channel that connects customers with shops and services to help people with their everyday needs.
Glocher Affiliate Program (GAP) is a job opportunity for you to continuously earn money and increase your revenues.

6 most important todo's for a GAP agent:

1. Make a list of your contacts and local shops or services

Make a list before you visit your first shop. To help you with this, we made the LIST document for you.

2. Personal visit of shops and service providers

When you finished your list visit shops and service providers and recommend them Glocher app which helps them increasing their revenues.

3. Introducing Glocher app

A well-trained salesperson should not be surprised. Therefore, it is important that you are already an expert of the system. To do so, you can use the User Guide. After you have studied Glocher and you feel ready to work, get the first some shops of your list (for example 25), and introduce this opportunity to their owners or board members.

4. Help registering new users with your Affiliate ID

When you introduced Gloher, the next step is a new user registration. Don't forget to tell them to enter your Affiliate ID in the registration form.
This is a very important thing, because the system identifies you with this code when it calculates the sales commissions.

5. Help the new user creating their first shop

After registering the new user, help them to create their first shop and create the first product in it.
It's important to show them how the app works.

6. Try to reach one new registration weekly

You work only for you. You have no boss, no deadlines.
But it's very important to keep yourself growing. Therefore, you should catch at least one new shop owner every week. Soon you will see how your revenues grow.

Good luck, and thank you for choosing Glocher Affiliate Program.

Best regards:
Glocher Staff